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How self-access storage works

Come along and see what we offer. You can decide which unit is suitable for you by using our online size estimator or having a look yourself. Once satisfied, you can reserve your unit for up to 7 days with a £10 deposit online or over the phone.
Our storage units and arrangements are quite flexible to ensure that you have the unit for a period that is most suited to meet your requirements.

Once you have decided which what is the best unit we can set up a plan for you or your business.

We will require the following from you when you attend to sign up to your unit:
    •    2 forms of ID to confirm identity and proof of address
    •    Certificate of insurance of your goods.

(You will be required to insure your goods therefore if you do not have insurance we can provide cover for a small additional fee.)

    •    Payment method: We accept debit and credit card payments. Most our customers choose to pay by direct debit.
(We will issue you with a license agreement with our terms and conditions.)

Once you have secured your unit we offer you a range of products to help with packaging your goods in preparation for storage. We also sell locks but you are free to use your own padlock. Only you hold the key to access your unit.
We work with local hire companies who can assist with moving goods should you need this.

Once you have decided you no longer require our storage space we ask for 7 days notice in order to vacate your storage room and we will refund any remainder balance outstanding from the day you move out.

Large Storage Unit
Storage corridor

Check out our size estimator

25 square foot storage diagram

25 Sq Ft
225 Cu Ft
Similar in size to: Entry Closet Ideal for storing personal items, small furniture, or business records.

50 square foot storage diagram

50 Sq Ft
450 Cu Ft
Similar in size to: Walk-in Closet Ideal for storing small amounts of furniture.

75 square foot storage diagram

75 Sq Ft
649 Cu Ft
Similar in size to: Walk-in Closet Ideal for storing small amounts of furniture.

100 square foot storage diagram

100 Sq Ft
900 Cu Ft
Similar in size to: Small Bedroom Ideal for storing a typical 1 bedroom apartment.

150 square foot storage diagram

150 Sq Ft
1350 Cu Ft
Similar in size to: ¾ of a One Car Garage Ideal for storing a typical 2 bedroom apartment or house.

200 square foot storage diagram

200 Sq Ft
1800 Cu Ft
Similar in size to: Large Garage Ideal for storing a larger 3 or 4 bedroom house.

Our unique building also has available office space to let!

If you are a small business in need of an office be sure to get in touch to discuss

potential options for availability on our bespoke office units.

Office space in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield